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Full biodegradable medical waste collection packaging
Product manual:

• The whole biodegradable material has passed the European EN13432, the American ASTM-D6400, the Australian AS5310 standard certification.
• Under the condition of compost, it can be completely degraded into H2O and CO2 within 90-180 days, without toxic and harmful substances remaining, effectively preventing the production of white pollution, friendly to the ecological environment.
• The full biodegradable bag has a high penetration barrier to bacteria and viruses, which can effectively prevent the pollution of bacteria in medical waste to the hospital environment, and has a good effect on maintaining a clean environment for diagnosis and treatment.
• Provide one-stop service of production, warehousing and distribution at nearby logistics points;Support specification bulk online ordering and fast delivery service on the same day.
• Customizable for garbage collection in hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions.