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Agricultural Product
Product manual:

Special products for agriculture, forestry and aquatic products are applicable to agricultural sowing and film mulching, edible fungus cultivation, green feed storage, agricultural products cover protection, flower and vegetable seedling protection, etc.

Environment: complete degradation into H2O and CO2 in 180-360 days under composting condition, complete degradation in the ocean, can reduce oil consumption by about 30%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 40%.

Raw materials: the whole biological based raw materials, environment-friendly and pollution-free, to keep human contact safety, in line with EU EN13432, ASTM-D6400, AS4736, the United States FDA standards.

Performance: the tear strength and impact strength is 2 times of the traditional polyethylene material products, can completely replace the existing daily packaging bags, to meet the requirements.

Logistics: provide one-stop services of production, warehousing and distribution at nearby logistics points;Built "love home love earth" independent brand of the online mall, support bulk online ordering and fast delivery services on the same day.