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Full biodegradable express packaging
Product manual:

Express logistics packaging bag service in the postal, logistics express and the major e-commerce platform, suitable for various material craft products, CD, mobile phone accessories, jewelry, clothing, gifts, textiles, electronic parts, books, toys, U disk photo frame, jewelry, company samples and other items packaging protection.

Environment: complete degradation into H2O and CO2 in 180-360 days under composting condition, complete degradation in the ocean, can reduce oil consumption by about 30%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 40%.

Raw materials: the whole biological based raw materials, environment-friendly and pollution-free, to keep human contact safety, in line with EU EN13432, ASTM-D6400, AS4736, the United States FDA standards.

Performance: the tear strength and impact strength is 2 times of the traditional polyethylene material products, can completely replace the existing daily packaging bags, to meet the requirements.

Logistics: provide one-stop services of production, warehousing and distribution at nearby logistics points;Built "love home love earth" independent brand of the online mall, support bulk online ordering and fast delivery services on the same day.